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Start enjoying your backyard! Do you feel your time in your very own yard is controlled by mosquitoes and other annoying biting insects and are tired of using those smelly bug sprays and candles just so you can go outside?

At Property Nerds we have the knowledge and experience to help you take back your backyard. Mosquitoes love the warm humid climate and are naturally attracted to swamp lands, but they’re no match for our custom mosquito control misting systems and ongoing barrier mosquito control fogging treatments. We have effective and affordable solutions for any size property and any budget. We also offer special event spraying for weddings and other outdoor celebrations.

In some situations, a more permanent automatic misting system is the most fitting solution for you to control mosquitoes. Property Nerds can install a system for stable and prolonged defense against mosquitoes, helping keep your deck, pool patio, grilling area or any outdoor area bite-free.

Designed to release a misting spray several times daily for less than a minute, your system of discreetly hidden nylon tubing with strategically placed nozzles can include a remote control allowing you to choose additional or fewer sprays as needed.Property Nerds will fill, service and winterize your system, along with spring startup maintenance. These systems are virtually maintenance-free, even designed to detect leaks and damage and shut off immediately.

For temporarily treating outdoor environments for special events, we offer our fast and effective mosquito control fogging treatments. Our 3-step process kills mosquitoes on contact and limits their breeding activities.

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