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Your landscape is an important part of your property and is a great investment. A properly designed and installed irrigation system will protect your lawn and landscape investment. At Property Nerds, our goal is for your lawn to be the best looking lawn in Houston, Texas. This starts with your irrigation system. In order to achieve a healthy lawn, we will get your sprinkler system functioning at its maximum efficiency at an affordable price. We consistently deliver high-quality service and leave our clients satisfied with every contract.

When it comes to irrigation services, we handle everything from basic sprinkler repairs on your existing system to brand new sprinkler system installations for your home or business. Of course, with so much focus in the marketplace on “going green,” water and energy conservation are two of our primary objectives. That’s why we offer environmentally-friendly drip irrigation and sprinkler system installation and repair services for both residential and commercial properties in Houston, Texas. Conquering local irrigation problems and solving them quickly is our specialty!


We like to think that your system will never have problems with cracks, leaks or any other type of damage. However, these things can be common and will happen at random. We will be happy to assist you with diagnosing the problem and discuss the available options for your requests. We offer sprinkler repair services for broken sprinklers, broken pipes, installing water wise sprinklers & irrigation systems, installing low volume / drip irrigation, and install water star irrigation systems.

At Property Nerds, our top priority is client satisfaction, and since we rely heavily on word of mouth to grow our drainage and irrigation business, comments from some of our past clients can be read on our testimonials page. Whatever your irrigation and sprinkler system needs are, please contact us today to schedule a consultation. We service the Houston metro area.

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